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Legal Update - Can Your Tenant Claim a Lockdown Rental Remission?

The Covid-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns and restrictions have impacted negatively on many businesses, and there has been much uncertainty as to whether commercial tenants of leased property are entitled to claim a remission of rental if their trading activities are curtailed.

Property Insights - Property Broker Survey

Brokers continue to see all 3 major commercial property buying/ selling markets as substantially oversupplied, by segment the Office Market being the most oversupplied, and by major metro Johannesburg being the most oversupplied.

Market Update - How COVID-19 changed the global real estate industry

From wearing face masks in public to socializing from two meters apart, society is adapting to the rather unusual circumstances that have been brought about by COVID-19. As with all industries, real estate has had to adapt to the new normal across the globe.

Ukraine – The Second Iron Curtain

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has brought down a new iron curtain across Europe. Airspaces are closed, sanctions enacted, nuclear forces placed on standby, weapons piled into Ukraine, nearly a million refugees already… the second iron curtain is here. It is sharply dividing Russia and countries in its influence sphere from members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the European Union (EU) (the two blocs are not the same). It is very unlikely that this curtain will fall down any time soon.

Legal Update - How the Property Practitioners Act Affects You as a Property Seller, Buyer, Landlord or Tenant from 1 February

“… a property is an asset to enhance economic activity, growth and development…” (extract from preamble to the Property Practitioners Act)

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