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New to Community Schemes - The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Sectional Title Schemes – Part Two

In this second part of our three part series, we will take a closer look at meetings and maintenance in the sectional title context. Missed Part one of this series? I suggest reading it here before continuing.

Legal Speak Made Easy - “Fictional fulfilment”

You may come across this term in contractual disputes, where one of the parties deliberately prevents fulfilment of a suspensive condition in order to escape the sale.

Legal Matters - How to Protect Your Children’s Inheritances from Ending Up in the Guardian’s Fund

It’s always tempting to procrastinate about decisions that force us to address the inevitability of our own mortality. But we have no choice when it comes to protecting our loved ones after we are gone, because to protect them a will (“Last Will and Testament”) is not a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. And it’s urgent.

Political Comment - Neither a one-day, nor a one-person job

In 2021, two researchers published a paper on corruption in the US between 1865 and 1941, a period infamous for its corruption. They distilled four lessons from that period. Their first finding was that ‘it is possible to make a transition from a systemically corrupt political system to a system in which public corruption is aberrational.’

Conveyancing Matters - Ethekwini Rates Issues

As you may have experienced, there is an issue at the Ethekwini Rates Department.  Conveyancers are currently experiencing lengthy delays with regard to rates applications made to the Ethekwini Municipality.

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