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This month we are delighted to announce that Grant Nevin has joined our team as our Umhlanga Ridge / Durban Gateway residential lettings and tenant procurement specialist. Please feel free to contact him with all your sales, lettings and property management requirements. We look forward to being of service to you!

Click here to view Grants full online profile and access his latest listings.

Portfolio Property Investments (PPI) is fully online via our Unique business platform that can be accessed by us as your agents, yourself as clients, your partners and you auditors “24/7” no matter where you may be. 


Sectional Title - Boundaries between two Exclusive Use Areas and financial responsibility

When it comes to determining who is financially responsible for repairs and maintenance in sectional title schemes, boundaries are everything. This is because boundaries determine the nature of the property, and the nature of the property determines who must pay to repair it.

Body Corporates - Legal considerations for managing sectional title schemes within layered developments

In the course of their work, managing agents, trustees, and directors of community schemes often encounter sectional title schemes that are part of “layered” developments.

Installing Home Solar – How to Comply with the Regulatory Requirements

Eskom’s no-end-in-sight loadshedding, rising electricity costs, South Africa’s abundance of sunshine, and the global move to sustainable energy solutions have all contributed to the current boom in home solar photovoltaic (PV) roof installations.

Neighbours Behaving Badly - Illegal Buildings and Demolition Orders

What do you do if your neighbour starts building next door without municipal plans? A recent High Court decision confirms your right to apply for demolition.

International Property - View the most stylish apartments in Paris

View the most stylish Knight Frank apartments for sale in Paris's 8th Arrondissement. Spacious, well-located and easy on the eye, these impossibly cool apartments have a lot to offer their new owners...

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