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This month marks our 201st monthly newsletter and yet again, what an edition it is ...

With a series of celebratery deals by our award winning Property Practitioner Fiona Khan, see below article link on her latest commercial office leases at:- Park Square Umhlanga New Town Centre, Lincoln on the Lake Umhlanga New Town Centre, The Boulevard Umhlanga New Town Centre & Kamdar House Umhlanga Ridgeside.

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Congrats Fiona and please feel free to contact her and / or view her extensive range of office listings via her online profile:

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Commercial Property - A string of blue-chip leasing deals in KZN's Umhlanga New Town Centre and Umhlanga Ridgeside

Umhlanga remains one of the city’s most dynamic locations at the hub of shopping, entertainment, dining, and transportation with well-established organisations and a robust rental market.

Coalitions - South Africa

Since the 2021 local government elections, several municipalities have been governed by coalitions. It has not been a happy experience. Johannesburg recently had its eighth mayor elected in eight years. In Tshwane, Ekurhuleni and Nelson Mandela Bay power has been bouncing around between the major parties like ping-pong balls.

Legal Update - Losing Your Property to Acquisitive Prescription

“… a person shall by prescription become the owner of a thing which he has possessed openly and as if he were the owner thereof for an uninterrupted period of .....” (Prescription Act)

High Court invalidates security protocol - Implications for trustees’ authority

The court’s decision, delivered on 23 April 2023, may have significant implications for future cases where trustees unilaterally impose rules and protocols aimed at regulating residents’ conduct. This article provides an overview of the case and highlights the key findings of the court.

Reluctant Leaders - A Successful Sectional Title Leadership Transition

In the intricate world of sectional title schemes, ensuring effective leadership is pivotal. This article recounts an intriguing and genuine case study of a small sectional title scheme confronted with a unique challenge: the election of a chairperson from a group of newly elected, yet reluctant, trustees. 

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